KIDZROCK & MINI MUSICIANS- a great start to a child's music education!

Kidzrock: is for students who are 4-7 years old. We teach little ones how to read music and play the drums, keyboard and guitar as well as vocals. Our instruments are modified for little hands and our music is color coded for fast learning! The class does not require parents to purchase any instruments and we do not require students to practice at home for this class. Our rock bands put on a show with the songs they've learned every 12 weeks! 

Saturday: 10AM & 11AM

Wednesday: 5PM

Mini Musicians: is a class for students who are 3-5 years old. We teach little ones beginning musical concepts such as: theory, rhythm, beat, tempo, dynamics, music history, composition & beginning note reading. Students will play simple melodies on the piano in this group class. Students give small performances in class, at the end of each month, for parents to see what they've learned!

Wednesday: 9AM

Thursday: 12PM

$20 Deposit required- this payment is added to the family account and will be applied to the first invoice.